Coming 2/2 a fairytale with a difference
Can a human fireman truly fulfill a fairy’s passion?
Sparks fly between the Slut Fairy & Ash Will he ignite her passion? Will she quench his thirst? And how about a good hosing down?
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Star twirled her wand, and shouted to nobody, “Can I help it? I like sex and lots of it.” She smiled coquettishly, fluttered her pink and red feathery butterfly wings, flew up, and hovered two feet in the air. “I frighten the male fairies. They say I’m too aggressive and can’t handle me. I know my nickname—the Slut Fairy. I likeit. Yes, I’m the Slut Fairy and proud of it.
“If the male fairies aren’t up to the task, and I do mean literally.” She chuckled. “Where shall I go to get satisfaction? Ogres. No, I’d gag on their breath. Imps, maybe—I do like bondage, but I can do better. Elves—they’re too stuck up their own asses…dwarfs—they’re not a challenge. Been there, done that. How about trolls? They have the size. No, they might accidentally squash me. What race is left?”
She laughed. “I know—humans.”
Stefan Angelina McElvain has always been fascinated with adult science fiction, erotica, the paranormal, and fantasy.
Now retired, he’s married with two sons and two grandsons, and living in the South Bay, Los Angeles. Born and raised in England in the early fifties, he grew up in a town steeped in history with a haunted castle, hidden passageways, and a church tower with a double-spiral staircase. He and his family relocated to Los Angeles in the late eighties.
Stefan has a bachelor’s degree from Manchester University in physics, and a master’s in business from the University of Southern California.
In addition to short stories, Stefan has authored several series:
Origins, Invasion, Vampires, Chronicles, and Cosmetologist Extraordinhair