Title: Brass & Keys

Series: Freshman Beginning 

Author: Russell Soots 

Cover Artist: Creative Minds/Sid Love 

Length: 266 Pages 

Release Date: October 15, 2015 

Blurb: Having recently broken up with his sleazeball of an ex, recent high school grad Keldon Stonebridge is a handsome guy who’s optimistic about the possibilities of the summer ahead in his beautiful hometown of Asheville, NC. He intends to fill his days working, playing his saxophone whom he calls his baby, sipping green iced tea and hanging out with friends. He’s far less optimistic about a summer romance. But then he meets the very handsome Tyler Lawrence. A fellow musician and recent high school grad himself, Tyler also enjoys losing himself in his music and conspicuously avoids speaking about his own ex at all costs. The two quickly fall in love and achieve a bond that truly transcends love and music. It’s a bond that will be greatly tested by loyalty, tragedy and more.


Desperately trying not to panic, Tyler looked into his eyes.  “Keldon, what is it?”, he urgently insisted.

Keldon swallowed hard as he gazed into Tyler’s dark eyes.  A single tear slowly moved down his cheek.  His mouth twitched slightly before finally opening to speak.  “I’m in love with you.”, he breathed.

Tyler’s eyes flew open so wide he momentarily thought they might pop out of his head. He struggled for a moment to breathe as
a grin spread across his entire face and his eyes watered.  He opened his mouth but nothing came out.  Now it was his turn to have difficulty speaking.  Finally, he managed to get the words out.  “I love you too.”, he gushed in a whisper.  For
the briefest of moments, they simply gazed into each other’s eyes before their lips collided and tongues intertwined almost violently.  Beyond passionate, their kiss sealed their bodies, hearts and soul together.  It lasted for several blissful moments before they finally parted.  With beaming smiles, they looked back toward the patio where everyone was smiling before looking into each other’s eyes again.

Keldon grinned and threw his head back.  “I’m in love with Tyler Lawrence!”, he enthusiastically exclaimed at nearly the top of his lungs.

As soon as he finished, Tyler threw his own head back.  “And I’m in love with Keldon Stonebridge!”,
he excitedly drawled.  They grinned ridiculously at each other for several moments before wrapping their arms
around each other in a warm and unbreakable hug.

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Living in central North Carolina, Russell thoroughly enjoys all of the great amenities of the state he’s called home his entire life.  He can typically be found assisting a friend with their small business, writing in coffeehouses, enjoying meals, movies, museums and more with friends as well as fully enjoying the great wonder of life itself.
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Relationships, particularly the ones between the two main characters, are of course at the heart of the “Brass and Keys” series. Each relationship is every bit as unique as the characters it involves and having a variety of relationships is critical to creating a good story.

For me, existing relationships must always fully reflect the familiarity that two characters show towards each other. Their conversations tend to be conducted in an understandably relaxed manner that allows the exchange of ideas and thoughts between them to flow very easily. One of the exceptions to this of course being tense conversations such as arguments.

When describing a new relationship, I like to focus a great deal on the existing emotional and mental mindset of each character going into it. Are they going into it with excitement and optimism? Perhaps they’re more than ready for a new beginning and a new shot at love. On the other hand, based on past experience, do they carry baggage of some type, fear, etc which makes them hesitant? Hopefulness is also a possibility as well.

Whether existing or new, every relationship has its positive and negative moments. The portrayal of positive moments could include scenes that depict general happiness, contentment and joy from the little things they share together, moments of physical intimacy and many more. Of course no relationship is without imperfections. Negative moments are inevitable. Such situations can involve one-sided or mutual frustration, resentment or anger, as well as arguments. Perhaps even despair or sadness as they experience a loss of some kind together. The sum of their feelings for each other and their experiences together as a couple essentially defines their relationship as a whole.

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