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Lab Rat by Cheryl Headford

You can run, but sometimes the farther you go the closer you are to where you started.

Gabriel’s life ground to a halt some time ago, but he’s still running—from his past, his family, and now the new man in his life. A man who just won’t get the message that Gabriel isn’t interested in love anymore.

Laurie won’t give up on the beautiful man who is broken and intent on running away. Even though he doesn’t know what Gabriel is running from, he’s determined to be at his side no matter what.

When Gabriel’s past finally catches up, they both stop running and find themselves plunged into something Laurie could not have dreamed of, and Gabriel never stopped having nightmares about.

Reader Advisory: This book contains a scene of attempted suicide.

Lab Rat was a joy to write. I’ve experimented with quite a few different styles but the first person present “stream-of-consciousness” writing has always been my favourite. It gives the unique ability to get inside someone’s head and follow their every thought, their reactions, the things they keep hidden, the misunderstandings, the unfiltered reality. And I love reality, getting real. I love to create warts-and-all characters with flaws and kinks and all kinds of issues and traits. Gabriel is one of my favourites (I find myself saying this about most of my characters lately)

To say that Gabriel spoke to me would be an understatement. Sometimes he screamed in my ear, and this was one of the rare books that I just sat down and wrote from beginning to end with no procrastination and no hesitation. It was as if Gabriel dictated and all I did was scramble to write it down fast enough. Of course, it was rough and needed a lot of polishing, but starting with a heartfelt, raw, compelling story that flows well, and characters so well rounded you can ask them around to tea makes that job much easier.

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