Aliens in the South Wales Valleys!!??!!

Worse! Randy, queer aliens in the south Wales Valleys!!

Who do we call?



In the heart of the South Wales valleys, in the quiet streets of a village called Cwmaman, something big is about to land. It could be the end of civilisation as we know it, but for David, his colleague, Dr Helen Firebush, and his young friend Sion, it is the beginning – the beginning of hope, the beginning of love, and the beginning of a new, homo-happy understanding of the universe.

Thanks to Tim – a very meaty E.T. – their lives will be changed forever!

Erotic and hypnotic, sensual and sensational, How Queer Was My Valley is a titillating tale of interstellar sexual encounter, cosmic copulation, and inter-species ‘spaceships’ coming in to ‘land’.

Based on a true story.

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Now available for Pre Order. Release date 1st March (of course)


John Dai and his friends for a fun-filled launch on March 1st