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I have been gushing for a while about the release of my new book, the third installment in the Enigma Series. I’m giving snipetteers an exclusive peep at the cover


The book will e released on Tuesday 6th. At the moment Books I and II are FREE on Smashwords so go grab your copies and get to know the delightful Silver and River his devoted but often clueless boyfriend.

Enigma III Friends and Lovers

Silver is trying hard to settle down again with Ben and River after the events at the Theatre De La Vie. but he isn’t the same person anymore and River is having a hard time dealing with the changes. One of the hardest things he has to cope with is Ariel, Silver’s new best friend, who makes Silver act like a teenager and causes trouble wherever he goes. When that trouble touches Ben, it sparks off a chain reaction that almost ends in tragedy.

In the meantime, Ariel has his own fallout to deal with. After finally finding someone to whom he might give his heart, he very nearly loses him by…well by being Ariel.

With his family life in tatters and his best friend lurching from one disaster to the next, Silver needs to be stronger than he’s ever been. The problem is he’s not feeling very strong at all. In fact, there are times when he thinks it would be so much better if he just went back to that place inside his head where he was safely shut away from the world, and that place is getting closer all the time.


For those of you who know Silver, you will realise how like and unlike his old self Silver is in this scene. Things are changing and River’s having a harder time than Silver coming to terms


“River,” he says sternly as I straighten up. “I’m trying to tell you something and if you keep kissing me like that you are going to distract me and we are going to end up in the bedroom. That would be silly because Ben will be home in a few minutes and you are the one who keeps telling me it would be a bad idea if he found us in bed.”

A grin splits my face. He’s so… Silver.

“Okay,” I say sitting down in the chair opposite him. “Tell me.”

“I got a job,” he says for the third time and it finally sinks in. A job? Silver? I can’t put the two together.


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