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Dreams can come true, but sometimes they’re nightmares.

The Von are on their way.  With a recording contract under their belt and a tour opening for a popular band, the world is at their feet.  For those left behind prospects are not so bright, especially with someone trying so hard to break them apart.

With the spotlight on The Von, no one sees the evil waiting in the wings until it’s too late.


Someone is targetting The Von, doing their best to split up the happy couples.

Vince had been pacing for the past hour. He could barely wait for the time to tick by so he could talk to Billy and the others again. It was very early, but he’d been so excited all night he had to force himself to sit and do homework and not eat the entire time. He’d been working on his weight. He was down ten pounds since Billy left, but it’d been tougher lately. Like now. He spotted Asher coming out of his bedroom.

“You’re up early. Or did you ever go to bed?” Asher yawned.

Vince’s chubby fingers brushed through his hair as he laughed and reached for Asher’s hand. “Come on, we’ve got fifteen minutes till they’re on. Aren’t you stoked? I feel like I could eat half the fridge or jump out of my skin!”

“If it has to be a choice, I’d choose the fridge. Eat as much as you like, but I warn you, if you explode I’m not stuffing you back into your skin.” Asher was about to sit down when a sound from the hall stopped him. “Post. I’ll get it.”

After a long moment of waiting for Asher to return, Vince heard the door open, albeit slowly. He put down his glass of orange juice and peered suspiciously at his friend. “Hey, what is it? Bad news in the mail, also known as bills?” he joked. Asher didn’t say anything, which worried him. He stood and walked over to him to look at what he had in his hands.

“I… It… I don’t know what to do.” Asher turned to Vince and grabbed his arms with bruising intensity. “Vince, I don’t know what to do.” He pleaded, begged, but there wasn’t anything Vince could say as his gaze flicked between the two photographs and Asher’s stricken eyes.

“Let me see them, please?” He wrested the slips of paper free from Asher’s grip long enough to see the photos and got the shock of his life. Glossy, set in some cool, trendy club surrounded by gorgeous people, Erik kissed a total stranger like he might inhale the guy and Billy was kissing a redheaded guy who looked very familiar.

What the… No. Not again. Wait. I know that guy… Holy shit, I know him!