I first came across this book in the Rainbow Snippets Facebook group, where everyone shares a very short (six sentence) snippet of a work-in-progress ever week. I think the first snippet I read was

“The glass carafe spun on its chain, propelled in slow swirls and small circles by the gentle breeze drifting through the wide-open doors to the roof garden. A rainbow of sparkles washed over the room’s white walls with each of its movements, bringing memories of the endless sky, of sun and sea, and the expanse of green that reached from the shore towards the horizon.”

This is the start of the first chapter and encapsulates the tone of the writing and the story. It’s almost poetic, but at the same time straightforward and simple.

Although the events covered in this book are, literally, earth shattering, they’re also very gentle, and we’re taken on a journey where sometimes we are led gently by the hand, sometimes hastened on, sometimes forced to flee, and sometimes made to stand still and have our hearts squeezed. It’s old-fashioned story telling at its finest.

The two heroes, Falcon and Minel are as beautifully crafted as Minel’s glass. There are unique voices in a book crammed with unique voices. True heroes who complete the hero’s journey and grow so much—together and separately.

The villain of the piece is as cruel and twisted as a hero could wish to be, but he has his motivations and there is a spark of humanity to him that makes him a truly creeping evil. With every page there is a sense that our heroes are not safe and the danger constantly breathing down their necks could reach out for them at any moment. That sense of constant danger causes a delicious tension, even in the quiet moments.