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Reviewer Roundup is basically an open call for readers to pick up books from favourite and new authors, all donated for free with the only expectation being an honest review. The event runs over two weeks. The first week is for novellas (up to 50,000 words) and the second for novels. I have two books entered, one in each week.
Now into the second week, it’s time to check out my novel, The Face in the Window. Ace is blind, Hazel is damaged and together they feel their way through the complications of two very differet families and a brand new relationship.


There are those who can’t see and those who don’t want to, but we’re all blind sometimes.

Ace is blind and Haze is damaged. They live in different worlds and not everyone is happy when they become boyfriends. Haze is struggling with the after effects of a traumatic event in his past that has left him at the mercy of an uncontrollable rage. When Ace’s brother steps up his campaign of torment against Ace, they’re all in danger from Haze’s outbursts, though it isn’t until things get completely out of control that the healing can really begin. But with Ace unseeing and Haze perched on the edge of a cliff, will either of them survive long enough to benefit?


I became more and more obsessed. It became almost a superstitious requirement to glance up at the window every time I passed it. I would pause and wave but he never waved back. Occasionally that made me angry—as if he was too good to wave at the likes of me—but it was brief and it passed. The focus of my attention was too perfect to be capable of that kind of behaviour.

One day I was hanging around the bus stop after school. My face at the window wasn’t there and I was kind of lurking in the hope that he would suddenly appear. A car raced around the corner from the direction of the road and skidded to a halt in front of the gate to ‘his’ house. It was a compact red convertible, not new but seriously nice. I recognised it in that I had seen it hanging around the school gates sometimes when I was heading for the bus.

A boy I also recognised slightly from school leaped out without opening the door and swung the gate open to allow the car to slide through. When it was through, he closed and fastened the gate then followed the car up the drive.

I lost interest in the car because, at the sound of the gate, the boy had appeared in the window. That day he was wearing a pink t-shirt with a loose white shirt. Hmm… Maybe he wasn’t a boy after all then. I was disappointed at that but not enough to lose interest altogether.

I was so wrapped up in staring at the window that at first I missed the mocking voice that carried to me across the road. It was a moment before I realised who it was and who they were talking to.

“Ace, get your lazy fucking arse down here right now! I told you I’ve lost my key. We’ve been searching everywhere and Nick’s pissed so hurry up and open the door. And don’t even think of pretending you can’t hear me. Open the fucking door you freak.”

The rant continued for a few moments, until the figure vanished from the window. A few minutes later the boy I recognised disappeared inside the house. I didn’t see the other boy, the one who had been driving. Presumably he had gone into the house through the garage. I didn’t care. It wasn’t him I was interested in.

I found that my heart was beating furiously. My face at the window had a name… Ace. Strange name. It didn’t give much away. Clearly it was a nickname and could have been applied to a boy or a girl. But it was a name. I was a step closer to…to what? What was I going to do? Walk up to the door, knock, and ask for Ace? Well…maybe…shit. Pull yourself together Haze; you’ve got a touch of the sun there.

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