I’ve read about kisses that stop time, that fade out the world, that stop the heart. I’ve always scoffed at the idea. A kiss is just a kiss… right? Except a kiss like this… A kiss like this is all of the above and more. What makes a kiss like this? I have no idea. Maybe it’s knowing I shouldn’t be doing it. Maybe it’s the wild and open setting. Maybe it’s destiny.

Or maybe it’s just that this kiss… just this kiss out of all the kisses I have ever had… this kiss contains all of my feelings, all of my emotions, all of my fears, hopes, and dreams. This kiss is not taken, or given; it just happens. This kiss is not a joining of lips but of souls. This kiss… this kiss… this kiss is with him. Ah, fuck, what am I doing? What the fuck am I doing? What have I done?

Enigma Book 1

Nephy Hart

Author of adult gay fiction. Books range from heat ratings mild to Oh My God. Heavy on plot, they are character driven and all have a fair sprinkling of humour and a dash of darkness that makes them unique. Don’t look here if you want fluff or feel good, although you’re pretty much guaranteed a HEA or at least HFN

Cheryl Headford

Author of Young Adult gay fiction. From blind boys with overprotective families, to fairies to murder mysteries she’s working her way through them all. With the same dash of humour and darkness that make her adult books unique Cheryl is bringing a whole new reading experience to young people everywhere

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Lab Rat is now available from eXtasy and all main book suppliers.

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  1. H.B. says:

    Congrats on the new book release! It looks great. Thank you for the excerpt and awesome video trailer for the book =)

  2. Invesroy says:

    I was cleaning my bathroom, when I noticed something falling out of the corner of my eye, I though it was a cat hair. I looked closer and saw a very soft white feather. It scared me a first, I thought it was a sign that someone in my family was sick and dying. I feel better knowing it was a gift from the angels.

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