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Dreams can come true, but sometimes they’re nightmares.

The Von are on their way.  With a recording contract under their belt and a tour opening for a popular band, they have the world at their feet.  For those left behind, prospects are not so bright, especially with someone trying so hard to break them apart.

With the spotlight on The Von, no one sees the evil waiting in the wings until it’s too late.


I have been sharing snippets from my first co-written book Upstaged: Opening Act. We’ve been introduced to The Von and their friends and have discovered what a tumultuous relationship the lead singer Erik has with his boyfriend Asher. Those two have no business being together but somehow they’ve made it work for a year and by the time we arrive at Upstaged 2: Waiting in the Wings they’ve been living together for a few months in a shared house with another band member, Erik’s best friend, Billy, and Billy’s boyfriend, Vince.

Erik and Billy have let the pressure go to their heads and they’ve been naughty boys, caught kissing on camera not once, but twice. Billy and Vince have managed to sort it out but Asher is not so forgiving. Not only that but when the identity of the mysterious cameraman is revealed, and Erik is plunged into a nightmare.

Asher walks into the spider web to save Erik, and once he has Asher back in his clutches, he loses no time in twisting his mind until he doesn’t know what’s real and what isn’t, something that’s just turned deadly for Erik


Asher stared at Erik and licked his lips, tugging at the lip ring, as he always did when he was nervous. Then something hardened behind his eyes as he slipped off the bed with the knife clutched firmly in his hand. He was the one who looked like a demon. His crazy black and blue hair cloaked his shoulders, and a terrifying intensity lit his strange eyes. He loomed over Erik like an avenging angel, James’s face leering over his shoulder.

Erik knew this was it. He could beg and plead if he chose, but this was it. “Asher, I love you.” He shut his eyes and waited.



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