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Shawn and Alex have been friends since first grade.

Alex, the rock star quarterback, appears to be basking in the limelight of his success and his new romance with Pam.  But appearances can be deceiving.

Shawn is the key man in the football team’s solid defense. He’s also the senior class’ most eligible bachelor. But Shawn has no time to get involved with a girl—at least, that’s what he tells his friends.

In reality, he does have a love interest… Tony Valito.

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Side-by-side, the relationships between the two couples blossom.  One in the open. The other in secret. That is, until Shawn’s world erupts when the rumor that he’s gay gathers momentum.

In trying to find Shawn, perhaps his friends will end up finding themselves. And everyone will discover how dangerous are the lives of high school athletes.

Finding Shawn is the first book in the Dangerous Lives of High School Athletes series.

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Two high school seniors weaved their way at breakneck speed through a crowd of small children. Shawn scrambled to and fro, doing his best to escape from Alex. He wasn’t afraid. In fact, he laughed loudly and made the funniest taunting faces. He let his friend get close enough for a tag and then poured it on to pull away. They were playing a boyhood version of cat and mouse. Except in this case, Shawn, the mouse, had the edge in size and body power. He towered over Alex by at least several inches. His torso appeared solid and muscular.

Alex might have been shorter and lighter, but he had all the requirements of a top-notch athlete, including muscles that rippled in all the right places. Unlike Shawn, who had a rough jock exterior, Alex had the façade of a rock star with his shaggy blond hair, baby blue eyes, and wide, gleaming smile.

As the cat closed in on his prey, Shawn pulled off a series of strategic maneuvers. He sidestepped to the left and then swerved to the right. Somewhere along the way, he tripped over an invisible root and lost his balance.

“Wha-wha…. Oh, no.” He stumbled and crash-landed into a pile of leaves. Lying face down, he braced for the aftermath: a hundred-sixty-pound putty cat that leaped on top of him.

What he wasn’t prepared for were the hands that drove into his arm pits. “No, Alex. Nooo. Not that.” No one would ever question Shawn’s toughness. He was tough enough to be a thug if he wanted to be, which he didn’t. But he had one major weakness that everyone knew about: being incredibly ticklish. Alex’s fingers jabbed away with teasing magic. Shawn continued to scream out, “No. Alex. Stop,” as he thrashed about like a fish loose in a rowboat.

Not far from the ruckus, a shadowy figure peered out from between the branches of a thick shrub. Tony was in hiding and having a mild spasm of envy. That should be him on top, bringing out the animal in Shawn. Nobody could do it better than he did.

About the author

PHIL MARCELLO started writing as a boy in the sixties. Growing up in the projects wasn’t easy, but reading and writing were a couple of healthy vices he picked up along the way. Life happened, but Phil never entirely lost his interest and over the years, he started, but never finished, over a dozen stories.

Fortunately, he saved them all and now has the time and desire to complete them. Phil knows it will take years, but as he enjoys writing and views it as his art form it’s a labor of love he gladly undertakes.

PHIL MARCELLO can be found at: