After attending an open mic poetry evening I was inspired to write. Write something passionate, they said, something close to your heart, so I chose to write about something close to many hearts – the terrible events that unfolded at Pulse nightclub in Orlando on 12th June 2016.  Enjoy


Goodnight Orlando

They danced

Swaying under flashing lights to pounding beats.

The night was young.

Or old.

Or not night at all

Morning really.

And they danced.



Mother and son.

They danced

While the bartender mixed drinks and the music pounded.

They were young

Like the night

Like the morning

Bang. Bang.

What was that sound?

Alien above the pounding beat.

They danced.

Uncertain now.

And then they stopped.

Dancing stopped and terror began.

The wet thud of bullets

Bodies danced a different dance

Until their marionette strings were cut.

A mother stand, protecting her son

The bullets uncaring, unswerving unloving

Cut her down

And her son

They were young

All they wanted was to dance

And laugh.

He stole their laughter

Their youth

Their lives.

And the music pounded on

Mobile phones texted pleas

“Help me Mom.”

And love

“Just know I love you.”

Then there was silence.

The gunman dead

The survivors fled.

Later, in the silence of after emergency services picked through the bodies

In silence.

But even there was no silence.

In eerie stillness phones flashed and rang

In desperate hope that a loved one might answer

But for them there was no hope.

The did not end that night.

Forty nine angels added to the host

Yet still he holy men hated.

They deserved to die

The world is a better place without them

The gunman did us all a favour.

God is Love – with qualifications

The were young

All they wanted was to dance

To laugh

To live

A hundred angels came

As they said goodbye

And drowned out the hate

With Amazing Grace

Goodnight Orlando

God Bless