To celebrate Transgender Week, Harmony Ink are holding a massive sale. For one week only there will be 35off all transgender books and 25% off the entire catalogue.
Why not take the opportunity to pick up Hostage, which is a fantasy/sci fi adventure. It’s not transgender but still, 25% is a pretty good discount.
When Astrin Raphael finds himself held hostage in an unfamiliar place, he has no option but to try to have faith in someone who seems to despise him. Little does he know his captor is his nemesis, Rowan Gabriel, whose disdain for Astrin all started with a misunderstanding years ago.
The kidnapping of Astrin’s father and Rowan’s uncle leaves the two princes with no choice but to form a precarious alliance. Rowan casts off his hatred and reaches out to Astrin, but Astrin’s doubt and insecurity run too deep to let go of easily. It’s not until Astrin almost loses his life that he’s able to acknowledge what Rowan means to him and admit to the love forming between them.