After an impatient wait, Lab Rat is finally out there. At the moment it can be purchased in ebook format direct from eXtasy or from Amazon and most main book retailers. Paperbacks are not available yet but watch this space as they are expected soon,

Lab Rat is one of my angstier books, being told from the first person perspective of Gabriel who just about encapsulates teenage angst and has honed it to a fine point. the world is a dark place and his soul is a pit of darkness that contaminated everything he touches. Yes, he is emo to the roots of his long, black hair.

Of course, Gabriel has more cause then most to feel like that. It isn’t paranoia when they really are after you.


You can run, but sometimes the farther you go the closer you are to where you started.

Gabriel’s life ground to a halt some time ago, but he’s still running—from his past, his family, and now the new man in his life. A man who just won’t get the message that Gabriel isn’t interested in love anymore.

Laurie won’t give up on the beautiful man who is broken and intent on running away. Even though he doesn’t know what Gabriel is running from, he’s determined to be at his side no matter what.

When Gabriel’s past finally catches up, they both stop running and find themselves plunged into something Laurie could not have dreamed of, and Gabriel never stopped having nightmares about.

Reader Advisory: This book contains a scene of attempted suicide.