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Blurb:  Silver and River are healing, but both are still struggling to reconcile Silver’s life before his time at the Theatre De La Vie, with after. It doesn’t help that Ariel keeps coming around and causing trouble. When he encourages Silver to collect Ben from school he unleashes a can of worms that could easily have had fatal consequences.

Last time, Ariel made love to Andrei, and the following day he has a date with Cam, who is the first person he’s ever felt he could make a future with. After a sweet date that has cemented those feelings in him, Ariel makes a slip and mentions Andrei’s name. He has no choice but to confess.


Cam frowns at me, confused, then a suspicious look crawls over his face. “Why was he saying romantic things to you last night?”

“Because um… because he… we…” Dammit, why is this so hard? It shouldn’t be hard.

We weren’t even together. All we’d had was a kiss… well and a pretty awesome night of not having sex. Cam said he could live with what I do and this was before.

I raise my head and jut my chin. I don’t have to explain or excuse myself to anyone. “We slept together.”

“You slept with someone? Last night?”

“Yeah, with Andrei.”

Cam looks stricken. I have the most awful feeling that I’ve just ruined the best thing that ever happened to me, and it doesn’t matter how many times I tell myself he has no right to judge that is not going to do me any good if he isn’t here.


Oh dear, Ariel. You get yourself into these situations, don’t you? You just can’t help it.

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