Welcome to Rainbow Snippets a group where authors, readers and reviewers post a six sentence snippet of a WIP, book, review, recommendation or just about anything they like that involves words and LGBT themes, on their own blog or website, then link back to the Rainbow Snippets facebook page where you will find links to all the snippets.

This way you can find little tasters of your next favourite writer, recommendations for your new favourite book and just hear little bites from people who might become your new best friend. Have a ball peoples.

This is from my current WIP. Here’s the blurb

Cammy’s home life is unusual. He is one of four children by four different fathers all of whom are still in a relationship with his mother (and sometimes each other)

Thorne is from an ultra conservative background and is thrown into the world of communes and unusual combinations when his own family turn their backs on him

Bow is…well Bow.

Can Thorne get over his hangups and see that the three are meant to be together, and will an assassin’s bullet end what happiness he could have found?

In this snippet Cammy and Thorne finally meet. I’ve gone way over six sentences but I just couldn’t contain Cammy.


Thorne searched his eyes, then slowly bowed his head and kissed him. By the time their lips met Cammy was no longer breathing. His heart pounded so hard it blocked his throat.

Cammy made a sound halfway between a sigh and a whimper, and Thorne raised his head. A beautiful smile crept over his face. “You’re something special. Why do I think I’m going to find it very hard to ever say no to you?”

“Because I’m very hard to say no to. You won’t, will you? Say no to me?”

“I don’t know. Meet me tonight, and we can discuss it.”

Sunshine washed over Cammy, and he bounced excitedly on the balls of his feet. “Kiss me again,” he commanded. Thorne didn’t say no.


Next time we’ll meet the third amigo and then we’ll see if I’ll tease you with any more or move on to something else.