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This is an exciting time for me. We’re working up to publishing Book III in the Enigma series, which is far and away my favourite series of books I’ve written. (Well, okay it’s the first series I’ve written, but the characters are real and I’m in love with Silver – for real.)

I have only published the first two books so far and have hesitated because I’m cautious about the editing of these books. Because they are being published very kindly by a friend, they are practically self published and therefore the weight of editing is down to me. I’m brassic so I can’t pay for anyone to do it for me, therefore they’re rough and I don’t want people to see Silver and his friends that way. However, the alternative is for people not to see them at all and they are no longer happy about that. Ariel, in particular wants to be SEEN and I can’t deny him for long.

Therefore, Red Haircrow, who is a very talented and dear man has been working hard on new covers. The cover of Book I has already been revealed.


Soon, the cover of Book II will be revealed and for the following week, leading up to the release of Book III, Books I and II will be free. This is because the series is not stand alone and anyone wanting to buy Book III should really read I and II first.

In preparation for all that, I thought I would introduce some of the characters and situations from the first two books.

Book II Fighting the Man

This is the current cover

2013-02-26 00.08.54-2



Silver has been freed from sexual slavery and settled down with River, who adores his lover and former patient, yet cracks begin to form when the stress of constantly having to care for Silver, start to tell on River. When River’s parents die, leaving him to care for his 12 year old brother, at first, it seems the introduction of the lively twelve year old into the mix will to do them all the world of good. However, when spiteful relatives involve Social Services, the added stress on the papered over cracks threatens to tear them all apart.

Faced with the dilemma of keeping either Ben or Silver at home and sending the other to stay with Sam, a personal friend, River chooses responsibility for his brother over his love and concern for Silver. Things come to a head when a series of misunderstandings lead Silver to believe River doesn’t love him anymore and that everyone is secretly ashamed of him because of his past. After running away, Silver reasons the only place he can fit in is with his own kind and he sets out to search of a new “home.”

At the Theatre de la Vie he meets Tony, a club owner with big ideas, who ‘looks after’ a group of young men who dance and “entertain” patrons of the club. There, among others, Silver finds Ariel, an ephemeral little minx with a knack for getting into trouble, and Asher, a former sex slave like Silver. In Asher, he finds a kindred spirit and soon, finds himself falling for the beautiful, broken boy.

Together, Ariel and Asher show Silver a whole new way of looking at the world, a transformation echoing in the sleeping chrysalis of his soul, and soon his inner self emerges as the beautiful butterfly he was always meant to be. Yet as happy as he is with his new friends, Silver eventually realises his heart lies with River and intends to return to his side, but a shadows of his abusive past return to threaten both a possible reunion and the new friends who would protect Silver.

River learns of the danger, and hurries to add his own support of Silver and reaffirm their love, but is it too late for a chance at happiness together? At the emotional climax to this suspenseful story of love and loss, Silver and River reach conclusions that will either save them both or drive them apart forever.




I look up into Silver’s anxious face and some of the tension eases. It’s still harder than I thought it would be to get the words out.

“It…it was the hospital. My parents have been in an accident. They…they’re dead.”

“Oh, God. River I’m…I…don’t know what to say. It’s so terrible.”

“Yeah. I…wasn’t close to them, at least not for the last few years. They didn’t exactly disown me when I came out to them but they didn’t take it too well either.”

“Came out of what?”

I smile. I can’t help it. He’s so sweet. “’Coming out’ means telling people you’re gay.”

“Oh.” I can see he doesn’t understand.

“There’re a lot of people who think it’s wrong, even evil for a man to love another man.”

“Why?” He seems really confused now. I sigh. I wish we’d never got into this conversation. It’s a wonder we’ve never had it before, but Silver’s so innocent, so accepting the whole concept of prejudice is alien to him. He’s kind of got his head round racial prejudice. Although, I don’t think he really understands the concept that one person could hurt another because of where they live or what colour their skin is. There’s no way he is going to be able to understand why they’d do it because of who we love.



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