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Dreams can come true, but sometimes they’re nightmares.

The Von are on their way.  With a recording contract under their belt and a tour opening for a popular band, they have the world at their feet.  For those left behind, prospects are not so bright, especially with someone trying so hard to break them apart.

With the spotlight on The Von, no one sees the evil waiting in the wings until it’s too late.


I have been sharing snippets from my first co-written book Upstaged: Opening Act, which has finally been released and is now available from Amazon and eXtasy Books We’ve been introduced to The Von and their friends and have discovered what a tumultuous relationship the lead singer Erik has with his boyfriend Asher. Those two have no business being together but somehow they’ve made it work for a year and by the time we arrive at Upstaged 2: Waiting in the Wings they’ve been living together for a few months in a shared house with another band member, Erik’s best friend, Billy, and Billy’s boyfriend, Vince.

The Von are taking off and they’ve signed a record deal which includes a tour. Having come to the terrifying realization that James, the ex boyfriend who abused him to the point of complete breakdown is back on the scene, After receiving news that Erik has gone missing, Asher reveals to his friends what a monster James was.


“He drugged you and raped you?” Vince cried in horror.

If only. “No. He never raped me. James never really got off on sex, although we sometimes did. James got off on control. He got me hooked on a drug. I don’t know what it was, but it made me… He convinced me I was dying, that there was a big cloud of darkness out there that was going to swallow me up and I’d disappear. I was so fucked up I believed him. He’d drug me, convince me the darkness was coming for me and make me beg for my life. He made me tell him I loved him over and over, saying he’d leave me to the darkness if I didn’t. He made me say all kinds of things. And he hurt me. He cut me with a knife, strangled me until I passed out, pierced my nipple with a rusty needle, used…things… I…” No, that was too much. He couldn’t do that. He couldn’t talk about that.

“Jesus, Asher. I had no idea. I… Shit, what a fucking wanker. You were fourteen?” Conner growled.

“Yeah. I was fourteen, top of my class, clean and sober. I was a fighter, but so sweet and innocent…until James.”

“So, how did you get away from it?” Vince asked, with horror in his voice.

“I nearly died. One day he…he picked me up from school and took me back to his place. He’d started filming us, and since then it’d got worse and worse. He stripped me, handcuffed me and gave me a shot and then… He had me believing the house was falling down, that there were crawling things and rocks falling and snakes and… I don’t know how long I was there, and I think we had sex at some point but…” Asher cuddled into Connor, as the familiar creeping horror began to invade the back of his mind. Nothing was worse than the feeling of not being able to distinguish between what was real and what was not.


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