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This is from my current WIP. Here’s the blurb

Cammy’s home life is unusual. He is one of four children by four different fathers all of whom are still in a relationship with his mother (and sometimes each other)

Thorne is from an ultra conservative background and is thrown into the world of communes and unusual combinations when his own family turn their backs on him

Bow is…well Bow.

Can Thorne get over his hangups and see that the three are meant to be together, and will an assassin’s bullet end what happiness he could have found?

Yet AGAIN I have gone over the six sentence limit by a long way. This will be the last time I flaunt the rules so completely. I promise. It’s just that Bow is…too….big to confine to such a small snippet. This is a tiny taste of him.just enough to let you imagine what might happen when these three get together.


Rainbow fireworks.


Bow was slim in the way people who labour manually often are, with smooth muscles moving easily under a t-shirt that clung to each one of them. Thorne barely paid attention to any of that though, as he was knocked sideways, metaphorically speaking, by Bow’s face and hair. Not only was Bow the most stunningly beautiful man he had ever seen, his eyes were mesmerising—large and vividly purple. He had to be wearing contact lenses, surely. The hair that framed that lovely face could not have been natural for sure. Long and fair, it was streaked with a pale pastel rainbow, each lock a different colour. All-in-all, Bow was enough to render anyone speechless.

“Hello,” Rainbow said, when Thorne was unable to do so. “Are you alright?” Even his voice was beautiful, light and almost childlike.

“Of course he isn’t,” Cammy said. “Haven’t they told you why we’re here?”

“Not really.” Bow turned his hundred kilowatt smile on Cammy. “When I heard you were on your way I was so excited I didn’t really listen to anything else.”

“You’re impossible,” Cammy said, shaking his head in mock censure. Bow shrugged. Quickly, Cammy outlined the story, and Bow’s eyes grew wide, then narrowed. From the looks he was shooting Thorne, he had a problem with something.

“Who are you?” he demanded, facing Thorne and looking furious.

“I told you.” Cammy said, sounding uncertain all of a sudden. “Thorne’s my boyfriend.”

Bow glared, his strange eyes boring into Thorne. “No, he’s not,” Bow declared, absolute certainty in his voice. “He can’t be because you’re mine.” Tossing his rainbow hair, he turned and strode back toward the house. He didn’t look back once before he disappeared.

“Oh, dear,” Cammy said. “Maybe I should have explained about Bow.”