What is Rainbow Snippets? Well, click on the rainbow to find out. We’re a group of LGBT authors who post snippets of their work each week on their websites/blogs etc and link back to the Rainbow Snippets group where they also post. If you go to the Rainbow Snippets page you can find links to all the snippets. This gives you a change to get a bite sized taste of many writers you may not have read before.

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My snippet this week is from my soon-to-be-submitted work Pretty Little Thing

Cammy’s home life is unusual. He is one of four children by four different fathers all of whom are still in a relationship with his mother (and sometimes each other)

Thorne is from an ultra conservative background and is thrown into the world of communes and unusual combinations when his own family turn their backs on him

Bow is…well Bow.

Can Thorne get over his hangups and see that the three are meant to be together, and will an assassin’s bullet end what happiness he could have found?

Today’s snippet follows from last week’s and we’ll see a little more of what Cammy looks like


To say Cammy’s dress sense was eclectic would be to miss the sheer energy it conveyed, and if you peeped closer, the bravery. Today, he was wearing silver hot pants, a hot pink mesh shirt, and somewhat emphatic make-up, with glittery false eyelashes. His pink diamond earrings matched his shirt, as did his nails and lipstick. The bottom third of his white-blond hair was the same shade.

Cammy knew he was ‘different’, and not just in his dress sense, but he didn’t care. He knew people thought he was ‘odd’, but his mother said he was unique and that’s just what Cammy wanted to be. Cammy smiled to himself and tossed his pink and white hair.