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Blurb:  Silver and River are healing, but both are still struggling to reconcile Silver’s life before his time at the Theatre De La Vie, with after. It doesn’t help that Ariel keeps coming around and causing trouble. When he encourages Silver to collect Ben from school he unleashes a can of worms that could easily have had fatal consequences.


In this snippet. Ben and his “friend” Jenny have sneaked off around the side of the house. Ben thinks they’re hiding from Ariel, who keeps making embarrassing suggestions about her being his girlfriend. Jenny, on the other hand, has other ideas.

She rolls her eyes and flutters her eyelashes. My mouth’s gone dry and I’ve forgotten how my voice works. Come to think about it I’ve forgotten how anything works. My voice doesn’t work, my arms don’t work and I’m pretty damn sure that my brain isn’t working.

 “I… I um…”

“Close your eyes,” she whispers.

It takes me by surprise but I obey.

“Why do you want me to…” I jump out of my skin when something touches my lips. Jenny’s eyes seem a little shocked and I’m not surprised. It’s not exactly complimentary when you kiss someone and they react by pushing you away. Hell. What am I supposed to do now? “Um I… I’m sorry. I didn’t…”

Jenny laughs, throws her arms around my neck and kisses me again. No wonder Silver and River do it all the time, this feels great.

Without thinking, my hands slide around her back and hold her gently as she presses herself into me. She smells so good, all sweet and girlie. We don’t do girlie smells in our house. River wears cologne sometimes but Silver is always coconutty or minty or…. Mmm. I feel…. I feel….