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The snippet comes from my latest release Enigma III – Friends and Family


Blurb:  Silver and River are healing, but both are still struggling to reconcile Silver’s life before his time at the Theatre De La Vie, with after. It doesn’t help that Ariel keeps coming around and causing trouble. When he encourages Silver to collect Ben from school he unleashes a can of worms that could easily have had fatal consequences.



Silver has come back from the Theatre de la Vie a changed man. No longer does he rely on River for everything. He has a new look, a job and friends, but they’re friends River has a hard time accepting. Especially Ariel. Here, River is talking to Sam, their burly cop friend about just what it is that’s eating him and he finally admits he’s jealous


“Jealous of what?”

“I don’t know. Of the things they shared and I didn’t, I suppose. Ariel is… is a… He’s what I thought Silver would never be again,” I rub a hand over tired eyes. This isn’t making sense, even to me. Dig deep and offer up more excruciating honesty. “He makes me think of Asher and I still haven’t come to terms with that. Whenever Ariel or one of the others is coming to visit I catch him twisting that ring and staring into space. He doesn’t know he’s doing it but I know he’s thinking of Asher and I feel….”

“You feel pushed out by a dead man?”