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This week we are being introduced to Cammy’s mother, Callista. Wife, mother, creative genius and a woman who exists in a world of her own. With four children by four of her many lovers all of whom intermingle into an ever changing and ever loving tapestry around her and her unusual family.


Cammy’s mother was also unique. She was an artist, and spent most of her time in her studio, doing hugely creative and profitable things. Callista—and what can you expect with a name like that—had not so much encouraged him, as forced him to ‘be himself’. Brought up in a commune, by a dye-in-the-wool hippie mother, Callista married a young, up-and-coming lawyer at sixteen and left the commune for a ‘normal’ life. Some chance. That marriage lasted three years—the longest so far. Four children and a number of disparate relationships later, she was single again, having split with her latest ‘soul mate’, a free spirited young woman who’d left to ‘find herself’ in Tibet. Brokenhearted, Callista threw herself into her art, and became ditsier than ever.


This is from my current WIP soon to be submitted…somewhere. Here’s the blurb

Cammy’s home life is unusual. He is one of four children by four different fathers all of whom are still in a relationship with his mother (and sometimes each other)

Thorne is from an ultra conservative background and is thrown into the world of communes and unusual combinations when his own family turn their backs on him

Bow is…well Bow.

Can Thorne get over his hangups and see that the three are meant to be together, and will an assassin’s bullet end what happiness he could have found?