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Project X is a re release of a book previously published by Wayward Ink. It will be released in two weeks. In the build-up we’ve issues this prequel, which is free at eXtasy Books It introduces us to Morgan, Matthew and Cody and helps keep the equilibrium a little as you read abou the three in the main book.

Quoting Matthew and the first line of the book. “Morgan Bentley is a bastard.” I wonder if you’ll agree when you see it from Morgan’s point of view.

This starts at the same point last week’s did and is from Morgan’s pov.


My head was pounding when I turned into the university, and I almost missed the sign for the car park. The tires screeched as I took the turn too tightly and skidded on the gravel. I almost didn’t see the other car until I stopped in a cloud of dust right next to it.

I sat with my head on the top of the steering wheel, getting the pounding under control. My head pulsed with the racing of my heart. In normal circumstances the thrill would have excited me, but that day it made me nauseated, and it set the harpie off again.

“What the hell were you doing, Morgan? You almost killed us. If you wanted to get my attention, you could just have called. Or were you hoping I’d end up in your lap?”

I raised my face in time to catch her leering in the mirror and shuddered. A break-up was looming in the very near future. I couldn’t stand another day with her, let alone a night. To say last night had been a let-down was being more than kind to the girl. Insipid was a word that sprang to mind.

Wanting nothing more than to get away from her, I got out of the car, vaguely aware she was bitching about her shoes again. Then I saw him.

There were two of them, standing next to most battered wreck of a car I’d ever seen. I barely registered the blond one, but the other…

He was tall, like me, with shaggy, honey-brown hair and the most amazing blue eyes I’ve ever seen. I thought at first they were contacts, but I found out later they weren’t.

I can’t put my finger on what exactly it was about this boy that fascinated me so much, but I just couldn’t look away. He was dressed casually in jeans and a sweater, and there was absolutely nothing about him that stood out…except that there was. There was something.


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