Rainbow Snippets is a facebook group where members post six sentences of a LGBT work, their own or in promotion of someone else, together with a link to the group page. The link to this post is then posted on the group page.

The idea is that readers go to the thread and sample the work of multiple authors then have the opportunity to open discussions with the authors either on their post or generally.

This week’s sentences, again, come from my short story Kiss Me Kade, which is to be part of an anthology to be put together later this year by the inimitable Miss Rian Duran. I believe there are still opportunities to join the project if anyone is interested.

The project is to write a story between 3k and 15k based (no matter how loosely) on a Shakespeare play. The stories will be edited by Petra Howard from Dragonsfly Edits then collated into an anthology. All proceeds from the anthology will go to It Gets Better Project a charity for troubled LGBT youth.

My story is based on the Shakespeare play The Taming of the Shrew and the title comes from the 1953 film Kiss me Kate with Howard Keel and Kathryn Grayson, which was also based on the play.

A very very brief summary of the play is that Lucentio wants to marry Beatrice but her father won’t let her marry unless her older sister Kathryn (Kate) is married first. Lucentio enlists the aid of his friend Petruchio to marry Kate and leave the field free to Lucentio to woo Beatrice. Kate is headstrong and willful and Petruchio resorts to tough measures including withholding sleep and food for days and basically brainwashing in order to ‘tame’ Kate and make her totally submissive. Yeah, lovely guy! My Pete isn’t quite so bad – not quite.

“What the hell am I doing?” he whispered as he crouched behind an industrial bin. Hiding in an alley? Really? What exactly was he hiding from? Sure, Pete was a pain, and his harassment was frustrating and relentless, but was it worth this? Hiding behind a bin in the pouring rain among the trash and cat pee? A familiar voice in his head whispered this is where you belong. Trash among trash.

To anyone who is able to count, I have to apologize as there are more than six sentences but the last two are the most important – as you will see when you read the anthology.

If anyone is interested in joining the project please pm Rian. The submission deadline is May so you have time