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This is from my current WIP. It’s just been submitted so keep your fingers crossed. Here’s the blurb

Cammy’s home life is unusual. He is one of four children by four different fathers all of whom are still in a relationship with his mother (and sometimes each other)

Thorne is from an ultra conservative background and is thrown into the world of communes and unusual combinations when his own family turn their backs on him

Bow is…well Bow.

Can Thorne get over his hangups and see that the three are meant to be together, and will an assassin’s bullet end what happiness he could have found?

We’ve met Cammy and his mother. Now let’s meet Thorne – well Cammy’s impression of Thorne at least. (Sorry it’s s little more than six lines but Thorne needs it) We’ve just discovered that Thorne is a maths genius and computer nerd who has just transferred to the school among a storm of conjecture and rumourmongering.


Despite being totally geeky, Thorne was far from being a geek. He had long black hair, and freakily blue eyes. He denied they were contacts, but most people believed they were. Cammy didn’t. You only had to gaze into them deeply enough and you’d see clearly they were real, just like the emotions that swarmed through them. Guarded, but real.

Somehow, Thorne got away with wearing leather wrist bands, and a long silver earring, even though the school had a no jewellery policy. Cammy’d often wanted to ask about it. Cammy’d often wanted to ask a lot of things, but Thorne wasn’t the most approachable kid in the school. In fact, if there was such a thing, he’d probably have been voted the kid most likely to bite the head off a bat.