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I’m continuing on with The Runaway. I’m very fond of this book, especially because a dear friend painted the cover image for me and I think it’s absolutely beautiful, just like sweet Ciarrai. By the way that’s pronounced Kee-a-ree

Ciarrai is running away from a past that’s still breathing down his neck. Jack has no past, his memory wiped in the accident that killed his parents. They meet and their lives move forward like stones skimming the surface of the water, dipping into memories that want to surface and those that want to lie buried forever.

Being the tease I am, I’ll let your imaginations fill in the blanks of what happened after the last snippet. Here’s what happened after the event.


While Jack wiped his hands, Ciarrai fastidiously cleaned himself and the car, then pulled up his panties, sat up in the seat and settled his skirt back into position.

“Well, that was different,” he commented with a smile.

“Different?” Jack choked. “I’m still in shock.”

Ciarrai turned to him and grinned, that feral look in his eyes again. His lipstick was smudged and his cheeks were flushed through the pale foundation. Jack found himself idly wondering why his eye makeup hadn’t run.

He stared at the crimson lips as they parted and whispered, “Your turn.”


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