Rainbow Snippets is a facebook group where members post six sentences of a LGBT work, their own or in promotion of someone else, together with a link to the group page (just click the picture). The link to this post is then posted on the group page.

The idea is that readers go to the thread and sample the work of multiple authors then have the opportunity to open discussions with the authors either on their post or generally.

Today’s snippet is from my current WIP Pretty Little Thing which I will be submitting somewhere, sometime soon. These are the very first words:

“Cammy’s going to die. Very soon. Either someone is going to kill him, or I’ll be serving life for killing them.”

“Hey, you’re supposed to be my best friend,” Cammy said, swiping his buddy across the bottom.

Rolling her eyes at them, Cammy’s mother laughed. “You boys,” she said and shooed them out the door

With his glittering high heels clicking on the stones, Cammy bounced down the garden path. He was excited. Today was the last day of school. Not forever—he had another year before university—but for the summer. It was a ‘wear your own clothes day’; although, if the headmaster had peeped into Cammy’s closet, he might have changed his mind.