Rainbow Snippets is a facebook group where members post six sentences of a LGBT work, their own or in promotion of someone else, together with a link to the group page. The link to this post is then posted on the group page.

The idea is that readers go to the thread and sample the work of multiple authors then have the opportunity to open discussions with the authors either on their post or generally.

Personally, I am the most interested in discussions with those who have, or who are interested in reading my work, and there is plenty of it out there free here, on my blog or on http://www.gayauthors.org/index.html I love to talk to people and would like to think I’m approachable enough for anyone to talk to me. I’d be upset to think I wasn’t.

Anyway, here is my snippet this week. It’s from my teen sci fi book Hostage More information and alternative sales links can be found by clicking the book cover on the Home page.


“Rowan,” Astrin whispered, and Rowan had no choice but to open his eyes. The glowing green orbs, which had been dominating his dreams so much of late, were mere inches from his own. They were shining brightly, the pupils widely dilated, and Rowan fell into them.

Licking his lips in a way that made Rowan feel queasy, Astrin leaned forward again, until their lips met in the most exquisite kiss Rowan had ever experienced, albeit one of the briefest.

Astrin looked confused when he raised his head, scaring Rowan half to death. He grinned, a beatific, if vacant expression on his face and said, “That was cool.” Then he passed out.