At last!!! It seems like I have been waiting forever for Hostage to get here. It’s my very first Contemporary / Sci Fi / Paranormal / Fantasy YA book. Aimed at older teens it’s a totally sex free pure adventure and I’m very proud of it. Harmony Ink have worked very hard to polish the book to the best it can be and I can’t wait to share it.

I’ll post an exclusive excerpt here, another at Nephy’s World and a third at Rainbow Warriors, so be sure to check them all for glimpses into my world and meet my princes.


When Astrin Raphael finds himself held hostage in an unfamiliar place, he has no option but to try to have faith in someone who seems to despise him. Little does he know his captor is his nemesis, Rowan Gabriel, whose disdain for Astrin all started with a misunderstanding years ago.

The kidnapping of Astrin’s father and Rowan’s uncle leaves the two princes with no choice but to form a precarious alliance. Rowan casts off his hatred and reaches out to Astrin, but Astrin’s doubt and insecurity run too deep to let go of easily. It’s not until Astrin almost loses his life that he’s able to acknowledge what Rowan means to him and admit to the love forming between them.

Their struggle doesn’t end when they return home and their Houses attempt to broker a deal to determine their future together. Each prince might face a choice between keeping his title and finding happiness with the man he loves.



Astrin dropped his eyes for a moment then raised them again with shadows flickering in their depths. “Rowan I-I don’t feel good. Can you please go get my father?”

Rowan’s eyes widened, startled. “What is it? What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know. The darkness was there and it was…. It…. I looked into it, and it….” Astrin closed his eyes, and let his head fall forward onto Rowan’s shoulder. “Please, Rowan. Please get him.”

Carefully, Rowan leaned forward, supporting Astrin until he was lying down. Astrin’s eyes were heavy and it was almost as if, when he looked at Rowan, he didn’t really see him.

“I won’t be long. I’ll be back as soon as I can.” Astrin nodded and closed his eyes.

With a pounding heart, Rowan fled the room and vaulted the stairs. All conversation stopped when he flung open the door and ran to Hersten, pulling him by the arm. By this time he was so out of breath he could only gasp. “Astrin.”

Hersten overtook Rowan, and was first into the bedroom. Astrin was as Rowan had left him, and when his father sat down next to him his eyes flickered open, only to close again on the wings of a sigh.

Hersten took his son’s hand in his and sat for a time, still and silent. Rowan stood back a little, chewing on his thumb. When Hersten gently laid Astrin’s hand down on the blanket and got up, Rowan took a step forward, his eyes pleading.

“Is he all right?”

Hersten looked grave but he gave a kindly smile. “For now. He’s asleep. I don’t understand what’s happening to him. It’s as if there’s a darkness gathering within him. It’s permeating every part of his body, but it isn’t doing much damage at the moment. It’s just draining him, making him feel exhausted. It’s almost as if it has sentience, as if it’s somehow weakening him before it attacks.”

“Is that possible? That somehow the poison is sentient? Is that why it can’t be healed, because it’s alive?”

Hersten looked at him thoughtfully. “It’s possible. I don’t know whether that makes any difference in the end though, Rowan. If it can’t be healed, it can’t be healed.”

Rowan frowned. “There’s a way. I know there’s a way. There has to be.”

Hersten put a hand on his shoulder. “I know you care for my son, Rowan. I’m grateful that you have looked after him so well, and I am glad that at… at this time, he has you to support him. You know I will do everything I can. He’s my son. But right now I can’t see anything I can do. We must pray that Neive finds someone to help us.”

When Hersten left, Rowan lay down on the bed next to Astrin and held his hand. Astrin stirred but didn’t wake.

“Be all right. Please be all right. I don’t know what I’d do… I don’t know if I could… Please.” The only sign Astrin had heard him, was a sigh.


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