I’m about to finish packing to head off to the UK Meet and I’m so excited.


This is my second year and I’m thrilled that it’s in the same place as last year, the wonderful Royal Marriott Hotel


We were spoiled so much last time, I can’t wait for the amazing location and food that is making my mouth drool already – although that could have something to do with the brownies I just ate.

This year is different in that I’m a Spotlight Author, which means I get a space in the Book Fair. OMG I have to sit at a table with my books and stuff spread out in front of me. What if people just walk past? What if no one wants to talk? What if no one’s interested in my books? What if everyone buys everything from everyone else and nothing from me? Oh dear. I’m hyperventilating.

I’ll keep you informed when I when I get back.

As a Spotlight Author, I also get to put my swag in the bag. I couldn’t afford to buy anything good, so I made some. I think they look pretty fine. I hope everyone else will agree.


Well, see you on the other side